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We are a tight team of three women who all share the same vision - to help other small business owners to reach their full potential. Our hearts are beating for the opportunity to refine, design, create and improve everything digital, business and website related! We decided to put our strengths together and create a team that covers everything from web design and copywriting to SEO, Google Ads and Graphic Design. We look at the whole picture of a business and we are here to fill the gaps. 


Well hello there! My name is Camilla and I am the founder of Joy Marketing. I have worked with digital marketing, branding & creative content in different ways over the past 8 years. I started out by creating my own brand while living in Australia, and moved on to start another one in New Zealand a few years later. I have also worked as Digital Marketing Specialist within a range of industries. I love working with both big and small businesses and my ultimate goal is to show you what an impact digital advertising can have - together we can make you thrive! 

If I am not glued to my laptop you'll either find me digging away in my garden or on my electrical skateboard having fun with my kids. 


At Joy Marketing we are thrilled to be teaming up with the talented graphic designer Jessica Morrissey of Swea Design! Jessica is a freelancer focusing on branding, websites, packaging and marketing. With an incredible eye for detail and a passion for design and layout, she is the one to contact for anything graphic design related such as a new logo or over all branding. 


Meet Michelle, a freelancing copywriter who is the face of Craft 'n Connect. With over ten years’ experience within digital content marketing, copywriting and project management Michelle is the one to reach out to for any copywriting enquiries. With an eye for detail and a Bachelor's Degree of Communication Studies, we are truly excited to have Michelle in our team! 

'Weaving carefully crafted words in the right place, for the right people. All whilst ensuring your fresh content is delightful to read, connects with your audience, is on brand and written with SEO in mind'


If you are looking for a fun team to work with and a passion for anything website design, SEO, social media or digital ads related - send us a message!