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Our Google Ads Services


No matter if you run a local shop, an Online Store or provide services nation wide, you customers will search on Google to find you. We are your Tauranga-based Google Ads Specialist and we are ready to put you on the map!

Google Ads by Joy Marketing


  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Optimised campaign structure, bidding, goal & placement
  • Ad Creative & copy
  • Ad Extensions that will make your ads stick out
  • Conversion tracking set-up
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • Direct contact with Google representatives if needed
  • Monthly reporting to show you the results
  • Ad maintenance to keep your ads successful

Ads set-up: From $249
Monthly management: From $199


1. We'll discuss your vision

Firstly, we will get to know you, your brand and Google Ad goals

2. You receive our quote

Next, we put together a quote for you. If you are happy, we'll get the ball rolling! 

3. Let the fun begin!

We are now diving right into the process of creating your Google Ad campaign

4. The walk-through

When we are done on our end, we will walk you through the set-up

5. Ongoing success!

We'll keep analysing and tweaking your campaign and send you reports


Google Ads Consultation

Our certified Google Ads specialist will get to know your business and ad goals before working out a tailored ad campaign within your preferred budget. We need to get an exact idea of your objectives and limits before proceeding with strategy implementation. 

Ad Campaign & Strategy

We will set up your Google Ads account and campaigns from scratch - leave the bidding strategy, optimisation, targeting, ad text and ad extensions to us. We will show you the ads for approval before activating the campaign. 

Keyword Research

By performing a keyword research, and with your potential customers search intent in mind, we are able to work out exactly which words and phrases to use in your ad copy. This is digital marketing 101.

Audience Targeting

Your Google ad manager will make sure that your ad campaigns are targeting your audience. We include demographics, interests and location when creating your search campaigns. 

Monthly Ad Management

We will refine and optimise your ads on a regular basis to assure increased performance over time. Monthly management is vital if you want your ads to generate an increased number of clicks, leads and sales. 

Ad Performance Reports

Enjoy monthly updates on you ad campaigns performance that are easy to understand. You'll see graphs showing exactly how well they have performed. Online advertising has never been easier!


If you have a website and you want more leads, traffic and sales immediately then yes - advertising on Google (previously called Google Adwords) is a great way of reaching those goals. This is where your customers are searching to find you and this is where your competitors are trying to win your customers over. By using paid advertisement the right way your website will be on the top of the first page on Google for searches within your industry and will grow your business.

When you search on Google, the first hits you'll see are paid search ads. Below these, when you scroll down, are the organic hits. If you want to be on top of the page, where your customers will see you first, you need a paid Google Search Ad. These ads are triggered when your customers are searching for one of your selected keywords. There are a lot of competitors fighting over the same keywords and therefore Google works with real-time auctions that will decide who's ad will show for a particular search. Your budget, bidding strategy, selected audience and type of keywords are some of the factors that will affect the outcome.

Yes, anyone can and in fact - it's free to set it up! But to correctly set up campaign structures, ad groups and ads, and to choose bidding strategy, keyword match types, conversion tracking and campaign goals are skills that do require both training and practice. Letting an expert do it will definitely save you both time and money and get you results quicker.

The first thing we do is to get to know you and your brand, your business goals and more specifically your Google Ads goals. When we have a good understanding of your needs and goals we will put together a quote. If you are happy to proceed, so are we! We will then choose a suitable ad structure, write the persuasive and informational copy and add so called Extensions and select appropriate bidding strategy. You will get to approve the ad copy before we publish it. For Google Ads to be successful, and to encourage more clicks and conversions, they need to be closely monitored and adjusted on an ongoing regular basis. We will do all that for you, while also sending you a report every month.

You can choose your budget yourself but it is recommended to spend at least $15 a day on Google Search advertising. Google ads works with bidding, meaning that if your daily budget is too low (under $15 a day) chances are that your ads won't win the bidding and therefore won't show. Read more about the setup fee and maintenance on our Google Ads page.

If you are looking for a transparent, reliable and Google Ads certified Specialist you have come to the right place. We have all of our Google Ads Certifications in place, we are not a big and fancy agency but a tight knit team of women who are passionate about helping you thrive.

We hold the following certifications:
Google Ads Search Certification, Google Shopping Ads Certification, Google Ads MEasurement Certification, Google Ads Apps Certification, Google Ads Video Certification, Google Ads Display Certification.


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